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Tank R.O. Pure Plus Filter - 7 Stage

  • Tank R.O. Pure Plus Filter - 7 Stage Tank R.O. Pure Plus Filter - 7 Stage

Key Features

Tank R.O. Pure Plus Filter - 7 Stage

Sold By: Raya Shop

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Regular Price: 2,350 EGP

Special Cash Price 1,999 EGP

Raya Installment Available Installments

322 EGP / 6 Months
172 EGP / 12 Months
122 EGP / 18 Months
97 EGP / 24 Months

NBE Available Installments

333 EGP / 6 Months
222 EGP / 9 Months
167 EGP / 12 Months
111 EGP / 18 Months
99 EGP / 24 Months
82 EGP / 30 Months
70 EGP / 36 Months

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Additional Information


Seller SKU Tank Power 7STG R.O
Brand Tank
Model Name Tank Power 7STG R.O


Warranty 1 Year
Delivery Time 5-7 Business Days
Cash On Delivery (COD) Yes
Return Or Refund 14 Days

More Details

  • Stage 1
  • Candle principled consisting of cellulose fiber accurately 5 microns obscure bug, sand, dust, insects and fiber rust.
  • Stage 2
  • Candle carbon active confirms remove chlorine excess in water and its derivatives and organic materials and gases, algae
  • Stage 3
  • Candle rom consisting of membrane accurately 1 micron to confirm that the presence of impurities of water, and inside board carbon solid to absorb chlorine and its derivatives and organic materials as a pump 24 volts up to draw water from filtering into the cpu.
  • Stage 4
  • Working theory reverse osmosis through the membrane osmotic accurately 0.0001 micron capacity 75 gallons and works on booking salts and minerals heavy materials alaazavihoelvirusat and bacteria by from 75 to 85 and then stored water in storage capacity of 12 to 14 liters in order to save water.
  • Stage 5
  • Which is about candle coconut leaves and working to absorb gases and odor, which consists of the tank, if any.
  • Stage 6
  • The candle calcaat bazlh chlorine and iron and hydrogen sulfide and manganese, aluminum and heavy metals from the water and reduces sediment limestone and multiplication of bacteria and fungi and is working on equivalent alkaline water (ph) to improve the taste and to reduce the impact of water on the corrosion of metals and removes carbon dioxide and not contain any chemicals and is made of 100% natural fibers
  • Stage 7 :-
  • Improve the taste of water by releasing natural minerals as the pure water flows through these cartridges; ideal for point of use 7 RO Applications. Compatible with all under sink water filter system that use an inline filter cartridge & ¼ tubing.  


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Tank R.O. Pure Plus Filter - 7 Stage is now on! Tank R.O. Pure Plus Filter - 7 Stage is available for 2,350 EGP EGP. Get yours now!