Are all products on RayaShop original?

Are all products on RayaShop New and Sealed?

How can I find the product I want on RayaShop?

Are there any hidden costs or charges if I ordered from RayaShop.com?

I ordered a product with a warranty card but I didn’t get the warranty card with it. How can I get it?

When does the warranty period start?

I lost my warranty card. Can I still get the service?

Does RayaShop have a direct installment program?

Is the online Installments service available in all governorates?

Who can benefit from the Raya Installment Program?

What are the required Papers needed for Private / Public Sector installment requests?

What are the required Papers needed for pension installment requests?

Do I have to make a down payment for my installment request?

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Are there any terms and conditions for the buyer or guarantor to benefit from Raya Shop's Installment program?

Are there any fees we should pay for the installment requests?

Can students benefit from the Direct Installment program?

I have another installment commitment with another company. Will this affect my request in any way?

What is the credit limit needed for my installment request to be accepted by RayaShop?

What does the I-Score mean?